Psycho Ex-Girlfriend breaks up with Lifetime!

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Lifetime

No, no, it’s “Love is Blind”, not “Stalk your love behind blinds!”

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend (formerly known as Twisted, but that wasn’t Lifetime enough for Lifetime!) is about a lady who returns from rehab in order to get back her boyfriend. But he’s set on marrying a normal girl who doesn’t go to rehab, which is enough to cause conflict of the Lifetime variety! What a jerk, not immediately dropping his life! Also the ex-girlfriend even hires Tyler’s new girlfriend as a therapist and tells her all about the good sex she had with Tyler, this seems to be a very important plot point according to the trailer. Either way, this looks like a tight Lifetime thriller!

Kara and Tyler are planning to getting married when Tyler’s ex-girlfriend returns from rehab, adamant on winning him back. As Kara tries to protect her relationship and prevent Tyler from sliding back into his bad habits, she is pulled into a twisted game of cat and mouse.

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend stars Elisabeth Harnois, Morgan Kelly (Killjoys!!!), Kimberly-Sue Murray, and Thomas Mitchell. It’s directed by Philippe Gagnon, who regularly helms Incendo Productions that end up on Lifetime like Running for Her Life. It’s written by Barbara Kymlicka (Double Daddy!) so it must be awesome as heck!

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend premieres Saturday, June 16th on Lifetime!

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