Did I Kill My Mother? asks the important questions on Lifetime!

Don’t you hate it when you can’t remember if you’ve murdered a beloved family member? Lifetime knows you pain, and Did I Kill My Mother? is a film to speak to all of us who have gone through this trial. There will be plenty of Lifetime twists and turns along with plenty of fun, and from the looks of it, plenty of bodies as well! Seems like it will be a fun ride! It’s also another movie Lifetime showed a few weeks ago but is trying to say is a new premiere, imagine having so many movies you can’t keep track of them! But as we never covered it, it’s new to us!

A year after her father’s unsolved, suspicious murder, a young woman’s mother is found dead in the home they both live in. The police think she may be the murderer, and she and her friends have to prove her innocence, while they dig deeper into the real killers hidden life.

Did I Kill My Mother? stars Megan Park (Once Upon a Prince), Austin Highsmith (Dolphin Tale), Dane Rhodes (Flying Monkeys), and Stephen Colletti (All About Christmas Eve). It’s written by David Bush, Marcy Holland (Caught!!), and Emily Moss Wilson, and directed by David Bush (A Deadly Affair)

Did I Kill My Mother? airs Saturday, June 23 on Lifetime!

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Did I Kill My Mother Lifetime

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