Go! Godman: Godman vs. Bat-Man (ゴッドマン対バットマン)

March of Godzilla Godman

Go! Godman: Godman vs. Bat-Man

aka ゴッドマン対バットマン その1 – その3 aka Goddoman Tai Battoman
Godman Title
Week of February 22 – 28, 1973

I saw Godman and Bat-Man in the closet and they were making babies and one of the babies looked at me!

Godman battles Bat-Man, and then later that week, Kappalge. As Kappalge never bothered to be in Latitude Zero, he doesn’t make the cut for the DVD episodes. So enjoy Godman only defeating Bat-Man! For a who’s who of who the crap these people are, check out the Godman Splash Page, and enjoy this entry in March of Godzilla: Godman!

Bat-Man isn’t THAT Batman, nor is he Principal Joe Clark. He’s one of the bat people from Latitude Zero who is now running around attacking children. How the mighty have fallen… We get all three parts of this Godman story arc, so prepare for the entire exciting adventure to be detailed. Detailed only a bit, because mostly it’s just the monster punching each other again and again.

Two kids in short shorts are piling rocks in a vacant lot (Is this why Japan is so far ahead of us in education? Empty lot rock games?) Suddenly…the Bat-Man appears! The children run, but bat people are jerks and this one is no exception. Bat-Man flies around and annoys the kids, until the kids chorus screams for “GODMAN!”

Godman flies in to kick some bat butt, and Bat-Man runs away like a coward. He’s only brave when menacing tiny children! The attempted escape just means Bat-Man will get beaten up while on the run.

They fight and fight…until…

Tsuzuku for the next episode!

Bat-Man approaches Godman as random explosions happen. Is Bat-Man causing these explosions? I’m so confused. Bat-Man and Godman got giant sized at some point and now battle over a scale model town. Bat-Man seems to be a better fighter now that we needed some more dramatic tension in part II. Godman tosses his explosive discs at Bat-Man, who just knocks them down.

They fight some more, until we tsuzuku for the next part!

Godman is tired of playing and breaks out his flail weapon to smash Bat-Man with. He does that for a bit, then fires his Godman Supersonic Wave (aka he projects a swirly animation from his chest) which causes Bat-Man to explode! I guess Bat-Man shouldn’t have eaten all that nitroglycerin!

Godman wins!

Let’s chill until the next episode, but chill somewhere else, because we won’t get Kappalge on this dvd set! Which is weird, because he appears in the updated Godman special…
Bat-man-vs godman

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Bat-man-vs godman

Bat-man-vs godman

Bat-man-vs godman

Bat-man-vs godman

Bat-man-vs godman

Bat-man-vs godman

Bat-man-vs godman

Bat-man-vs godman

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  1. Long time no write in, well other then Shin Godzilla. I’ve been keeping up with reviews, just haven’t written in. I’ll have to fix that in the future. I’ve been really enjoying these Godman reviews. It’s on my Tokusatsu DVD dream list. It’s a shame that the whole series isn’t available. I need too watch the original Kamen Rider at some point. I just haven’t any luck finding fan subs. I can’t wait to see more Japanese cinema reviews. Keep up the good work 🙂

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