Go! Godman: Godman vs. Folgon (ゴッドマン対 フォルゴン)

March of Godzilla Godman

Go! Godman: Godman vs. Kamoebas and Folgon

aka ゴッドマン対カメーバ・フォルゴン その1 – その6 aka Goddoman Tai Kameeba – Forugon
Fulgon Godman
Week of December 7 – 13, 1972

Karate chop! Karate chop! Karate CHOP!

Folgon looks like a red kappa beaked dinosaur with messy short hair on the top of his head that runs partially down the back until it turns into spines, and tiny pupils that don’t focus on a center point. He squeaks like a baby sea bird from an immobile mouth. Folgon is some sort of bird lizard thing, with claws and a tail. Kids love lizard birds!

He and Godman eye each other for a bit before they start shoving each other. What are they, little children? Having lost the shoving war, Godman fires his explosive fist smoke at Folgon. Folgon dances a bit like he’s on a hot tin roof before Godman and Folgon then fly to rocky bluff right next to the perfectly good rocky bluff they were already fighting on.

Folgon shoves Godman around some more, and gets on top of him, holding him down. We thankfully tsuzuku before things get R-rated..

Episode 2 begins with more goofy fighting, Godman is starting to get the upper hand. But don’t get the upper hand too quickly, Godman, there is still another episode to go and we’re all out of monster costumes this week! At one point they both again fly to a clearly identical rocky location that is probably the exact same spot in the set!

Folgon falls atop Godman and the two embrace, lovingly pawing at each other as we jump to tsuzuku. Geez, these two can’t keep their hands off each other! It’s like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

Part 3 begins with them back standing and pushing at each other some more, Folgon once again somehow being the better shover and Godman losing the battle again. Godman can’t shove for crap! Eventually Godman flying kicks Folgon and he falls over, Godman gets on top and slaps and slaps and slaps and karates and slaps and karates Folgon on the face over and over and over again. Eventually Folgon just explodes from being slapped and karated in the face some much. Seriously, he does! Folgon is murdered, and Godman flies away in search of more monsters to kill!!!

March of Godzilla: Godman will continue with more murderous monster mayhem, and for more Godman, check out the Godman Splash Page!
Fulgon Godman

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Fulgon Godman

Fulgon Godman

Fulgon Godman

Fulgon Godman

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