Go! Godman: Godman vs. Dongolar (ゴッドマン対ドンゴラー)

March of Godzilla Godman

Go! Godman: Godman vs. Dongolar

aka ゴッドマン対ドンゴラー その1 – その6 aka Goddoman Tai Dongoraa
Dongolar Godman
Week of January 11 – 17, 1973

I’m not sure how Godman can justify this at all!

Godman continues his killing spree, this time setting his sights on Dongolar. What crimes Dongolar committed, if any, will remain unknown as only the fourth of six episodes were on the DVD set. For more info on Godman, be sure to drop by the Godman Splash Page!

Dongolar isn’t a giant dong, but looks like a giant ginseng plant (or a butt with a carrot nose and eyes!)

Godman is hurting as we join this series, already in progress. He’s still small while the giant Dongolar lords over him. But a kid throws him a frisbee with one of his golden shoe rings, the lack of which was preventing Godman from growing to large size. Maybe keeping track of those things would be important? I’m no expert in kaiju fighting, except for the fact that I am.

Godman grows big, Dongolar helpfully falling down so he can be more easily beaten up. It’s like Dongolar wants to lose or something. They roll around in the sand together, their physical activity looking more like lovers embracing than enemies grappling to the death. Seriously, this show is the most sexual of monster shows. Luckily we tsuzuku away before things get X-rated! March of Godzilla 2015 will return with more Godman, because his crimes must be exposed to a new generation!
Dongolar Godman

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Dongolar Godman

Dongolar Godman

Dongolar Godman

Dongolar Godman

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