Center Stage: On Pointe pirouettes onto Lifetime!

Center Stage On Pointe Lifetime

Ballet sure has changed a lot since I was a kid…

Lifetime dumps a ton of movies off this weekend as well, it’s like they’ve been saving them up and are now on a spending spree! First up is the second sequel to the movie Center Stage, a film you may not even know had a first sequel. Well, it did, and sequel 2 continues the story of ballet, but not in the Black Swan way. Center Stage: On Pointe features the return of Nicole Muñoz as Bella Parker, the sister of the last main character, Kate, and the trials and tribulations of being a top dancer in ballet. It looks like Rachele Brooke Smith is back as Kate, though I don’t know how big her part will be as she isn’t even mentioned in the Lifetime blurbs. There is actually several returning actors including Peter Gallagher and Kenny Wormald, and the film features Dance Moms star Chloe Lukasiak.

A valued patron tasks Johnathan Reeves with taking the American Ballet Academy (ABA) in a new direction that combines contemporary styles with ballet. Reeves enlists his top dancers/choreographers Tommy, Cooper and Charlie to recruit modern and ballet dancers to compete at a Dance Camp training intensive with the winners gaining entry into the ABA. Tommy’s lead recruit is Bella Parker, the younger sister to renowned ballerina Kate. Bella, a natural modern dancer but whom struggles with ballet, is at first reluctant but decides to enter the program to try and prove herself and get out from under her sister’s shadow. Alongside other top dancers, including Gwen, will Bella have what it takes to make the cut?

Center Stage: On Pointe is directed by Director X. Yes, that’s his name, Director X., the period is part of his name. This is his first feature film, though he has directed a lot of music videos. No one seems to list who wrote the film, so it will be a mystery for now! It stars Nicole Muñoz, Peter Gallagher, Sascha Radetsky, Kenny Wormald, Ethan Stiefel, Barton Cowperthwaite, Maude Green, and Chloe Lukasiak.

Center Stage: On Pointe premieres Saturday, June 25th on Lifetime!

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