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The Maid Lifetime

I can’t take a movie about maids seriously unless they wear stereotypical French maid outfits…

If you ever thought Lifetime would eventually run out of people to be obsessed with other people and then everything comes up murder, you can’t be more wrong. There is an endless supply of jobs for people to get obsessed with other people, hence The Maid bringing out someone who is close to the family but not part of the family. Hey, at least it isn’t the internet this time!

When 19-year-old Laura receives disturbing messages and threats, she believes she’s being stalked by her ex-boyfriend. But when the pranks follow her 3,000 miles home, she quickly finds out it is someone she’s never even met who has a bizarre reason for wanting her dead.

The Maid stars Kathryn Newton, Fay Masterson, Kenton Duty, Doug Haley, Castille Landon, and Lee Broda. It’s directed by Darin Scott (Megachurch Murder) and written by Christine Conradt (So much Lifetime it’s crazy!) Christine Conradt as the writer is pretty much a guarantee that this will be awesome, even if you didn’t think the topic of a maid becoming obsessed with a high school student and then going all murder spree on her wasn’t already awesome. Though I’d sort of question your interest in Lifetime movies if that was the case! Until I actually watch the film I won’t know how the power dynamic is going to play out, because situations where a rich family has a maid will usually cause me to sympathize with the maid, sometimes even if she tries to kill people.

The Maid premieres Saturday, May 28th on Lifetime!

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