River Raft Nightmare cascades down Lifetime!

River Raft Nightmare Lifetime

River Raft Tip #1: Leap out of the boat randomly in shallow, rocky water!

River Raft Nightmare (aka Eyewitness) brings the excitement of being chased by killer convicts while river rafting to your living room! This is why you should never go river rafting, and instead stay inside and watch tv movies on Lifetime all day. Has anyone on Lifetime ever been attacked while watching a Lifetime movie? Of course not, I rest my case. Anyway, a mom and daughter get attacked by evil evil men, can this mother and daughter team defeat these evil evil men before their do more evil evil things? I sure hope so, otherwise this will be very depressing!

A mother and daughter’s white-water rafting trip becomes a nightmare when they encounter three escaped convicts searching for a hidden satchel of stolen cash. Separated from their rafting party, alone on an isolated river, they must struggle to survive against overwhelming odds.

Maybe Meryl Streep with show up with some advice about dealing with crazy killers while river rafting!

River Raft Nightmare is written and directed by Fred Olen Ray, which shows he’s still out there making movies like a champ, and gives me hope that RRN (that’s what us cool people call the film) is something great and fun.

RRN stars Bridgit Brannaugh, Ivan Sergei, Tim Abell, Leah Bateman, Daniel Booko, Perry King, Stephanie C. Allen, and Ted Monte. It premieres Saturday, September 5th on Lifetime!

Here is a trailer that for some reason has several seconds of black screen before the trailer actually starts!

via Lifetime!

One thought on “River Raft Nightmare cascades down Lifetime!

  1. A ripoff of a much better late 90s film RIVER WILD starring Meryl Streep, Kevin Bacon and David Straitharn…If you are interested in seeing a “mother and child river rafting then kidnapped by psycho criminals” film rent or download RIVER WILD.

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