Babysitter’s Black Book is a page-turner on Lifetime!

Babysitter's Black Book Lifetime movie

Come on, Ashley, be a hooker! All the cool kids are doing it: Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, Dawn, Mallory, Jessi, and Abby!

If you thought that since Lifetime had done the poor students turning to hooking up with dudes for money thing already this year with Sugar Daddies and wouldn’t touch it again, welcome to Planet Wrong! Babysitter’s Black Book is a very similar but very different tale of a poor student lured into the world of selling her body for money. Except now they are in high school! Dun dun DUN! Also it’s sort of maybe based on a true story they read the article title of online before making up their own version here. And maybe it will have some of the things Sugar Daddies lacked, or maybe it will make Sugar Daddies look like gold. Only time (and watching the movie) will tell!

Will there be a literal black book? And will I get to make more The Babysitter’s Club jokes when I write the review? I hope so…

When her parents’ financial problems threaten Ashley’s dreams for college, the high school whiz kid takes matters into her own hands. She and her girlfriends turn their babysitting business into a wildly successful escort service for dads. But in this small suburban community, nothing stays secret for long. Inspired by true stories.

Babysitter’s Black Book stars Spencer Locke (Detention), Perry Reeves (Entourage), Ryan McPartlin (Chuck), Lauren York (Iron Man 3), and Steffani Brass (Bundy) It’s directed by Lee Friedlander (House Husbands) and written by Richard Kletter (Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life) and Michele Samit (Uncaged Heart). That alone promises a crazy script, so here is hoping things go way over the top! My money is on a random babysitter ending up dead!

Babysitter’s Black Book premieres Saturday, February 21, on Lifetime!

via Lifetime/Charles Christopher

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