Piranha Sharks bite back with new trailer!

Upcoming flick Piranha Sharks has released a new trailer and a hauntingly familiar promo poster, as well as taking a few potshots at director Leigh Scott’s former employers, Asylum. The trailer is above and features Kevin Sorbo running around as the mayor while genetically modified piranha sharks infest the water supply. It looks like Jose Canseco took a break from sending sentence fragments as tweets to turn on his webcam and record a short segment as well.

PIRANHA SHARKS is a horror comedy that follows the disaster caused when a genetically engineered bio-weapons, mini-piranha/shark hybrids, are sold as children’s toys in big-box retailers and then unleashed upon Manhattan.

Starring Kevin Sorbo, Jose Canseco, Al Snow, Collin Galyean, Ramona Mallory, Josh Hammond, John Wells, Frederic Doss, Amy Blackman, Ashe Parker, Brandon Stacy, Benjamin Kanes, Barry Ratcliffe, Noel Thurman and Gina Marie Zimmerman.

Piranha Sharks will be released Friday via Vimeo, with a rental at $1.49 and $5.99 to buy. That’s pretty cheap, and if you are the kind of person who is into that kind of film (Hint: If you are on TarsTarkas.NET, you probably are!), now you got some cheap entertainment options!

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Piranha Sharks

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