Bring your hip waders for Snakehead Swamp on SyFy!

Snakehead Swamp SyFy

I think I saw this dude riding the bus last week…

This year is the 10th anniversary of when SyFy (then known as SciFi Channel) aired two separate snakehead fish original movies in the same year: Frankenfish and Snakehead Terror. What better way to celebrate this anniversary than with another SyFy snakehead film, Snakehead Swamp!

Snakehead Swamp stars Ayla Kell(Make It or Break It), Antonio Fargas(Starsky and Hutch), Terri Garber(As the World Turns), Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis (Heebie Jeebies and Ghost Shark), and Sloane Coe (Ghost Shark). It’s directed by cinematographer Don E. FauntLeRoy, who also directed Anaconda 3 and 4 and Bering Sea Beast. Writer Greg Mitchell (Official site) has only one other film credit, Amazing Love, but has several books for sale.

The plot:

The Big Easy gets a shake up when snakehead fish terrorize Louisiana’s swamp

Yep. Okay. As this is another Louisiana film, it will be packed with local actors you’ll recognize from all sorts of recent productions taking advantage of tax benefits. Perhaps the snakehead fish will be trying to devour that, in a metacommentary on film production. Or more likely they’ll just eat a bunch of random people, and that will be fun, too!

Snakehead Swamp premieres June 28th on SyFy!

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