Rina Takeda kicks more evil dudes in Danger Dolls (少女は異世界で戦った)

Deadly Dolls 少女は異世界で戦った Rina Takeda

Rina Takeda has been pumping out films far faster than I can keep up, and Danger Dolls (少女は異世界で戦ったShôjo wa isekai de tatakatta) has slipped through the cracks. The title translates to Young Girls Battle in the Parallel World, which is why we’re getting the far more marketable (but dumb) Danger Dolls title for international release.

Four young women are super-heroines who disguise themselves as pop idols and battle evil businessmen from a parallel dimension that want to unleash guns and nuclear weapons unto their world. So basically it’s a simplified version of They Live, except parallel Republican Earth instead of Republican aliens.

Rina Takeda stars alongside Rumi Hanai, Nana Seino, and Kayano as the fearsome foursome. Shusuke Kaneko (Gamera Trilogy, Death Note, Azumi, Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack) directs, I’ve seen more of his films than I’ve thought, but he’s still creating several more each year. That means I might never catch up!

Unfortunately the film doesn’t appear to be very good. KungFuCinema forum member Takuma, who says “The climax is so cliched and illogical that it pretty much hurts brains.” They’ve not even put up a trailer yet, despite the film having a festival premiere, so someone in marketing needs to be fired… Heck, there is more information about Deadly Dolls in this post than their is on the official site!

Until Deadly Dolls gets a release in the US, remember to kick evil wherever you find it!

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