Kabukicho High School (歌舞伎町はいすくーる) enrolls a trailer!

A trailer has dropped for Kabukicho High School (歌舞伎町はいすくーる), a live-action adaptaion of the manga series Teijisei Kabukicho Koukou by Masahide Motohashi. The story follows a real estate guru who enlists in a vocational high school out of boredom (in an area notorious for rough crowds and sex clubs) and hijinks ensue among all the different students. It looks like it might be interesting, filled with a bunch of silly stuff that suddenly turns all science fiction by the end. Of particular note is Sonny Chiba showing up! Besides that, there is little in English about the manga, so I have no real idea whether it’s considered good or not.

The film is directed by Shinichi Karube and written by Machiko Nasu. It stars Shun Shioya as Ken Haine, Ainosuke Kataoka as Kikumasa, and Shinichi “Sonny” Chiba as Chief Director Hakkaisan. There’s also an actress named Nagisa Oshima, which is the same name as a very famous Japanese director.

Ken Haine (Shun Shioya) is the president of a real estate company and he is known as the “King of Kabukicho”. He becomes sick and tired of making money. Ken then begins to say that he wants to go to school to look for some excitement. General Manager Masamune Kiku finds a vocational school located in the center of Kabukicho. Ken illegally enrolls in the vocational school. At the vocational school, the school is full of unusual people including a professional wrestler and a gay student.

Kabukicho High School opens May 3rd in Japan

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