Crackula Goes to Hollywood will be crack-tacular!

You need to check out that trailer for Crackula Goes to Hollywood above! Crackula Goes to Hollywood looks fantastically amazing, and I hope the editing in the final film is done in the style of the trailer, because that’s unlike anything I have ever seen before. An Alaskan vampire with one tooth comes to Hollywood and starts chomping down on victims, unknowingly becoming addicted to the crack in their blood, and thus now only targets crack attics. And hijinks ensue. I can’t begin to explain how awesome the trailer is. It opens with “Hollywood’s most diverse film ever”. Alaskan Frontier cabin CRACK PARTY. Hollywood, baby, Hollywood. “What? A one-toothed vampire? That’s ridiculous!” Namedropping trickle-down theory. A crack rehab center handing out free crack to rich white people. And the final stinger of “Oh no, Crackula!”

Crackula Goes to Hollywood is the brainchild of Freddie Rhone, who is writing, directing, and producing. Freddie Rhone is a song writer and producer who formed Ruff Face Entertainment, which besides the cool-looking Crackula Goes to Hollywood, has two other films on its website, both documentaries about social justice – Redemption of the Welfare Queen and The Worlds Civil Rights Social Movement.

A mysterious man from Alaska, known to be from the dark side, becomes addicted to sucking crack blood. He single handedly ends up cleaning the streets of Hollywood of all crack users and drug dealers.

I cannot wait for this film! CAN! NOT! WAIT!
Official site (worth looking around)

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