13 Girls comes a haunting!

13 Girls movie

13 Girls stars Sadie Katz (who is always amazing!) as a detective investigating the suicide of a group of Catholic schoolgirls, which leads to a huge demonic conspiracy involving a plot to destroy all men. Shades of True Detective? Jim Towns writes and directs, he helmed Manhaters! and House of Bad previously. FilmThreat has a good interview with him.

Among 13 Girls‘ casts is Sam Aotaki, who is also a featured player in Asylum’s Asian School Girls. P.J. Soles and Dean Cameron have parts, and also Jenny Jones, Ginny You, Elizabeth Ouimette, and Erinn O’Sullivan.

From The Press Release:

Cameras will roll on Jim Towns’ new thriller 13 Girls this October, reuniting the writer/director of House of Bad with his leading actress from that film- blonde, whiskey-voiced Sadie Katz.

Katz will play a troubled detective trying to solve the group suicide of an entire classroom of Catholic schoolgirls. As she gets closer to the truth, she must face her own devils if she is to help thwart a demonic plot to usurp the world of Man.

Katz has most recently appeared in Chavez: Cage of Glory and Scorned, which she co-wrote. Other talent already attached includes Daniel Roebuck (LOST, The Fugitive), Jamie Bernadette (Reel Evil, Axeman at Cutter’s Creek, The 6th Friend), Erik Preston (Halloween 4- The Return of Michael Myers), William Christopher Ford (Karate Kid III) and Australian actress Stef Dawson (Wrath).

House of Bad, which Towns describes as a ‘haunted heist flick’, is due out in February through Osiris Entertainment. He is also in development on A Man with a Gun, starring Tony Todd, which he wrote and is also producing.

13 Girls will shoot in Hollywood and the South Bay area, and is being produced by Towns’ Shadow Kamera Films and through independent financing.

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