Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper – from the mind of David DeCoteau!

What happened to DB Cooper? Besides being Jimmy James in NewsRadio and exposed on Leverage, White Collar, and Prison Break, no one knows who he really was. But now we’ll know who he really is, he’s a guy who fought Bigfoot!

In Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper, Linnea Quigley plays a flight attendant, and Eric Roberts is the older DB Cooper. Stunt actor Nils Allen Stewart plays the mythological Bigfoot, who turns out to be less of a myth than suspected. Or maybe DB Cooper is now more of a myth than suspected, and will soon battle Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan.

David DeCoteau will direct Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper in between making a bunch of films with “666” in the title and 90210 Shark Attack. It must be all that A Talking Cat!?! money!

The poster was put on David’s blog. No other information is available besides the brief imdb listing with some of the cast. But the title alone will draw in a lot of viewers because both names are popular enough people will be like “Let’s check this out!” Here’s hoping Bigfoot steals the money and uses it to live large.

Bigfoot vs DB Cooper

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