The Good Mistress vs. The Evil Man on Lifetime!

The Good Mistress lifetime

I’m so good when I’m so bad!

Men suck, luckily Lifetime brings The Good Mistress in to take down one such evil man:

Sandy, a young woman struggling to recover from alcoholism and a tragic automobile accident caused by her addiction, moves to a new town where her high school friend, Karen, has offered her a job. After becoming involved with a mysterious gentleman, Sandy soon finds herself in jeopardy when she discovers that he is actually Karen’s husband, Sam, a candidate in the county elections and a suspect in a murder investigation.

Geez, Sandy, way to pick a good one there! Sam runs the gauntlet of being a Lifetime Channel Evil Man – cheats on his wife, good guy persona, secret murderer, is named Sam, politician. By the time he’s killed at the end of the film (or thrown in jail, either one), we’ll all be screaming for him to go down.

The Good Mistress stars Annie Heise, Kendra Anderson, Antonio Cupo, but there isn’t a lot of information about it out right now except that synopsis. Seriously, it’s on in two weeks, maybe you could get a little bit of publicity information out, Lifetime? This one small image isn’t going to cut it! All we know is the title is designed to make us think of The Good Wife, which this sounds suspiciously like it was the starting idea they created their own film from.

The Good Mistress premieres February 15th on Lifetime!

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