1984 returns as a love story in Equals!

Apple 1984

We mine your data and watch every move, but first let’s pretend to be fighting the system!

1984 is back again, this time in the future that’s far past 1984, despite it being brought up by ever political pundit ever whenever anyone in power does anything. 1984, overused much?

Now it can be overused in love form, because the upcoming film Equals is the latest version of 1984. But it’s not based on the book by George Orwell. Nope, Equals is based on the 1956 film version of 1984, which is based on the book 1984. This is sort of confusing, and also crazy. Was that cheaper than buying the rights to the book outright???

Despite this news flashing around everywhere that Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence’s boyfriend Nicholas Hoult (that’s seriously how he is referred to now. I sort of like it, because it’s almost always the woman who is referred to as someone’s boyfriend), the casting has been announced since October, but this is the first time we have some inkling of what Equals is about. Future love in a dystopian society.

The director Drake Doremus talked through the script with Jennifer Lawrence as well, it’s written by the guy who wrote Moon with Duncan Jones, Nathan Parker. There is an inkling this won’t be terrible. In fact, the less this is like 1984, the better it will be. Become your own future dystopia, Equals!

via AP Interview

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