Let’s not forget the trailer to Asylum’s Android Cop!

Asylum’s version of Robocop, Android Cop, also went the trailer route, and you can see the hot futuristic action of an android and his best friend, Michael Jai White, as they take down Charles S. Dutton, who has grown corrupt in the years since the Roc sitcom. There are gunfights, gunfights in abandoned industrial parks, gunfights in abandoned commerce parks, a flying gunship, a car with lots of spikes on it, and a stunt that wouldn’t look out of place in a Matix movie. Will Android Cop cover similar ethical grounds as Robocop? It is a mystery that can only be solved by watching Android Cop!

In this futuristic, action-packed thriller, a cop and his robotic partner enter the Zone, a forbidden section of the city inhabited by a disease-stricken populace. Together, they discover the real reason everyone is sick and attempt to stop the illness – with the help of the machine’s powerful technology and weaponry.

Android Cop drops on February 4th!

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