Godzilla #24 (July 1979)

Godzilla Marvel 24

Godzilla leaves…never to be seen again until he’s seen again!

Godzilla #24 – And Lo, a Child Shall Lead Them (July 1979)
Writer – Doug Moench
Penciler – Herb Trimpe
Editor – Archie Goodwin
Godzilla Marvel 24

Climb, climb, CLIMB!!!

This is it, the final issue of the Marvel Godzilla series! It’s the story the prior two years was all building towards! Okay, maybe the prior 5 months or so. But close enough!

The Avengers and Fantastic Four are battling Big G, who is wandering towards the Empire State Building (because that’s expected of a New York Monster!)

J. Jonah Jameson is upset that Peter Parker ain’t answering his phones and they need a photographer on this stat! Robert Takiguchi keeps going on the bridge of the helicarrier and yelling at Dum Dum, so Robert gets confined to quarters!

Godzilla and Thor each push the Empire state building, while everyone else attacks Godzilla in a cool two-page spread. I have a feeling the artists like drawing huge spreads of Godzilla attacking things.

Finally, Robert escapes his room and goes on deck of the helicarrier to talk to Godzilla. His tears soften Big G, who picks him up and listens to Rob’s heartfelt plea for Godzilla to go away from people so he won’t be in trouble any more.

So he does.

Spiderman shows up to take one photo, the cover drawing of Godzilla leaving.

Godzilla walks away and everyone is sad. The tears flow like the river they were battling over. It’s the end….forever!

And that brings March of Godzilla 2013 to a close, I’d like to thank–

interview_garfield-phone RING RING RING!
What the heck?!?
interview_garfield-phone RING RING RING!!!
interview_iron-man-phone Hi, it’s me, the actor who played Iron Man in that movie Iron Man! I just wanted to let you know that Godzilla shows up in some Iron Man comics!
Wait, you don’t mean…
interview_iron-man-phone Yes! Your job isn’t done yet, lazy-face! Get back to work!
Okay, I guess March of Godzilla 2013 will continue…with Iron Man #193! Until then, make sure you keep up with the Godzilla Marvel Splash Page!

Godzilla Marvel 24

I could look at these battle scenes all day

Godzilla Marvel 24

When will Hulk show up on his bike to one-punch this guy?

Godzilla Marvel 24

Wow, 9-11 imagery decades before 9-11!

Godzilla Marvel 24

Spiderman was late because he’s being rebooted AGAIN!

Godzilla Marvel 24

Don’t cry for Godzilla, he’ll be back! Unlike Robert Takiguchi …

Godzilla Marvel 24 cover

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