Beast Of The Bering Sea / Bering Sea Beast airs Saturday on SyFy!

SyFy can’t even keep its title renames straight, calling Bering Sea Beast both by its original name, and by the worse name they announced as the retitle – Beast of the Bering Sea. Whichever the title, the premiere is this Saturday, November 9th, on SyFy. I guess we’ll solve the mystery when the title card pops up on screen!

The movie features sea vampires that look like flying manta rays, which makes some goofy imagery in the trailer above. Vampire Manta Rays just want to hug!!

Cassie Scerbo and Jonathan Lipnicki play sibling prospectors who disturb a colony of amphibious sea vampires in an underwater cave. Then people die. Either due to sea vampirism or excess hugging, I am not sure. Probably one of those things.

This looks insane enough I’ll bump it higher on the “things Tars recorded and then hasn’t gotten around to watching” list. Which is pretty long. There is only one more SyFy original movie after this one, Stonados, and then we’ll have to wait for the new year for new monsters!

Beast of Bering Sea


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