Monster Squad 25th Anniversary Screening Trip Report

The Monster Squad Castro

Who didn’t grow up with The Monster Squad as one of their favorite films? Okay, everyone who isn’t a boy in my age range. But beyond that, The Monster Squad is awesome and has held up to become a beloved cult classic, even as it bombed at the box office. Thanks to the magic of home video, everyone begged their parents to rent the film over and over again, even recording it off of HBO and wearing their tapes down watching it again and again and again. I love The Monster Squad, and it was nice to finally be able to see it on the big screen with a nice digital print for the 25th anniversary presentation. I was joined at this show by Hellburger and his wife. And, yes, everyone cheered when Wolfman was proved to have nards!

Cast members Andre Gower, Ryan Lambert, Ashley Bank and director Fred Dekker were on hand to introduce the film and answer questions at the end. The Q&A featured a Rothschild conspiracy theory question (The 1st ADA was Richard Luke Rothschild) that totally confused Fred Dekker and sent me into fits of laughter that someone would even ask such a ridiculous question. But it’s good to know that Monster Squad is part of the global conspiracies you hear so much about. You can sort of tell from all the clues in The Monster Squad: Dracula has three brides, the Trilateral Commission is three-related. The five classic monsters each represent a different point on the five-pointed pentagram. The Gillman obviously represents the Reptillian overlords. Stephen King rules, that is part of the conspiracy. The requirement of a virgin to unlock the portal to limbo is a reference to how only the pure of heart can defeat the banking cabals. The Monster Squad is a key to defeat the unseen forces that shape this world…unless it’s false flag propaganda designed to give out inaccurate strategies to keep us all slaves!

I’m on to you, The Monster Squad!

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