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Cookie Monster eating movie reel

Goons have blogs, and Something Awful’s Cinema Discusso goons have movie blogs! Here is a list of known sites, any additions feel free to bug me and I’ll get around to adding them whenever. Thanks to CloseFriend for compiling the alpha version of this list.

Turban Decay (CloseFriend)
TarsTarkas.NET (Tars Tarkas) (Sheldrake)
ShotContext (penismightier)
Matthew Clark (echoplex)
Alcohollywood (Hewlett)
The Professor Clumsy Variety Hour (ProfessorClumsy)
A Visual Medium (Vargo)
—automaticcinematic (Jeff Wiiver)
Wag The Movie (BigBudgetSequel)
Club Parnassus (Maxwell Lord)
Martin Teller’s Movie Reviews (FitFortDanga)
Comics Chat (Dickeye) (NeuroticErotica)
the film ghost (BOAT SHOWBOAT)
Umney’s Alley (ClydeUmney)
chewable newt (wyoming)
Ryan Swartz (Bugblatter)
Old Glory On Film (Jay Dub)
Turn Off The Limelight (TrixRabbi)
Movie Musings (Criminal Minded)
Ghost Hack Uplink (Twisted Ladder)
matt mcdaniel (Aorist)
thereptilereviewer (Benny the Snake)
Game and Watch Reviews (axleblaze)
How did I get here? I am not good with blogs (Adrianics)
10 Reasons Not To Kill Yourself (Geekboy)
Nerd Kryptonite (Geekboy)
Political Theater (Vargo)
LondonCityNights (Mr. Flunchy)
Arm Flailing Techniques (Uncle Boogeyman/Lt. Ken Frankenstein)
Secret of the Sailor Madness (unknown but goon guests)

Here are the links in a format that will let you easily copy/paste onto a forums post
[url=]Turban Decay [/url] (CloseFriend)
[url=]TarsTarkas.NET[/url] (Tars Tarkas)
[url=][/url] (Sheldrake)
[url=]ShotContext[/url] (penismightier)
[url=]Matthew Clark[/url] (echoplex)
[url=]Alcohollywood[/url] (Hewlett)
[url=]The Professor Clumsy Variety Hour[/url] (ProfessorClumsy)
[url=]A Visual Medium[/url] (Vargo)
[url=]—automaticcinematic[/url] (Jeff Wiiver)
[url=]Wag The Movie[/url] (BigBudgetSequel)
[url=]Club Parnassus[/url] (Maxwell Lord)
[url=]Martin Teller’s Movie Reviews[/url] (FitFortDanga)
[url=]Comics Chat[/url] (Dickeye)
[url=][/url] (NeuroticErotica)
[url=]the film ghost[/url] (BOAT SHOWBOAT)
[url=]GONE TO STRANGE COUNTRY[/url] (timeandtide)
[url=]Umney’s Alley[/url] (ClydeUmney)
[url=]chewable newt[/url] (wyoming)
[url=]Ryan Swartz[/url] (Bugblatter)
[url=]Old Glory On Film[/url] (Jay Dub)
[url=]Turn Off The Limelight[/url] (TrixRabbi)
[url=]Movie Musings[/url] (Criminal Minded)
[url=]Ghost Hack Uplink[/url] (Twisted Ladder)
[url=]matt mcdaniel[/url] (Aorist)
[url=]thereptilereviewer[/url] (Benny the Snake)
[url=]Game and Watch Reviews[/url] (axleblaze)
[url=]How did I get here? I am not good with blogs[/url] (Adrianics)
[url=]10 Reasons Not To Kill Yourself[/url] (Geekboy)
[url=”]Nerd Kryptonite[/url] (Geekboy)
[url=”]Political Theater[/url] (Vargo)
[url=]LondonCityNights[/url] (Mr. Flunchy)
[url=”]Arm Flailing Techniques[/url] (Uncle Boogeyman/Lt. Ken Frankenstein)
[url=]Secret of the Sailor Madness[/url] (unknown but goon guests)

And if you can’t get enough CineD goons (and who can’t?!), then here is the CineD Twitter list!

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