Godzilla #16 (November 1978)

Godzilla Marvel 16

Swud is my new favorite sound effect word. Suck on that, snuh!

Godzilla #16 – The Great Godzilla Roundup! (November 1978)
Writer – Doug Moench
Penciler – Herb Trimpe
Editor – Archie Goodwin
Godzilla Marvel 16

Jackass in the age of Pacific Rim

When last we left Godzilla, he was about to be hunted down by a posse of cowboys because they thought he was eating their cattle (even though it is an evil ranch owner that is stealing the cattle!) Things werre threatening to get very Valley of Gwangi/The Beast of Hollow Mountain, and now, they’ve gone full Gwangi! Who will win in this battle of Cowboys vs. Godzilla? Well, they certainly weren’t going to rename this series “Cowboys”!

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A ranch owner rallies the troops, and yells at the evil guy who has been trying to buy his land for years (and is secretly the one stealing his cattle!) The cowboys hunt for Godzilla and begin Big G rustling. Including one idiot who ropes Godzilla and then rides his head like a bucking bronco. Somehow this guy isn’t immediately squashed and murdered, or even just falling to his death.

Godzilla goes into the canyon where the stolen cattle are, exposing that the cattle aren’t dead, just missing and now found. The evil rancher and his goons start a gunfight with the good ranchers over the cattle. The villains lose, because good will always win when Godzilla is around! The evil rancher tries to assassinate his rival, but Godzilla kills him.

Big G then wanders off into the sunset, having saved the day.

A cowpoke wonders “Who was that masked lizard?”

The comic ends before he’s presumably pelted with garbage. Tune in next time as Godzilla is done with this Western-themed nonsense and is about to embark on a story arc where he fights most of the Marvel universe. And a rat!

Godzilla Marvel 16

50 Shades of Godzilla

Godzilla Marvel 16

Yes, that’s the thought you should have when you see a giant fire breathing dinosaur. “Git ‘im!”

Godzilla Marvel 16

That cowboy is awfully happy despite his head being twisted at a crazy angle!

Godzilla Marvel 16 cover

2 thoughts on “Godzilla #16 (November 1978)

    • I got most of the issues via the 25 cent bins when I was in my 20s as the comic started before I was born (and ended soon after I was) though I’m still missing 3 or 4, but thanks to the power of the internet I got scans a few years back. Now all the issues are in a trade paperback, though Godzilla pops up in a few other Marvel comics after they lose the license in a mutated form. As well see when I get to posting those Iron Man issues!

      I do have the whole run of Transformers from when I was a kid, and that has a reference to the Godzilla comic as well, something I could figure out even at age 6.

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