The Crow remake is now Invisible Bible Ghost Cop: The Movie!

Ghost Cops

The remake of The Crow somehow sprung back to life the past few weeks as it was offered to a bunch of established actors, all of which wisely passed. But someone had to bite the bullet, and that someone was Luke Evans, who is on the cusp of becoming someone well-known (he’s appearing in the upcoming Fast and Furious 6, The Hobbit prequels, and the Dracula prequel), but all that attention will turn into disappointment as The Crow (remake) is turning into the biggest fiasco since the last biggest fiasco! (John Carter, The Lone Ranger, Jack the Giant Slayer, take your pick) A new script review of the current draft by Latino Review has pointed out a few flaws with the current script. Basically, it sucks worse than anything has ever sucked before, even the DTV The Crow sequels!

Unfortunately for me, the review is in video format. But thanks to the magic of someone else watching it and giving a summary (thanks, Bloody Disgusting!) we have an idea of the main reason I’m talking about this:

Eric Draven is now a bible quoting police officer (not a rock musician) who has to paint his face because he’s invisible

Now, I’m no The Crow super-fan and have no real dog in this fight re: respecting the original source. Hence my call to action – WE MUST DO EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER TO GET INVISIBLE BIBLE GHOST COP: THE MOVIE MADE!! This film will be the beginning and end of awful ridiculousness, and it must be born!

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