P-51 Dragon Fighter takes to the skies!

Writer/director Mark Atkins(Princess of Mars, Sand Sharks) is back again for the 14th time with a tale that will thrill everyone who has wanted to see World War 2 fighter planes take on dragons…P-51 Dragon Fighter!

In 1943, as the allies advance in North Africa, the Nazis unleash an ancient terror. Out of the night sky the allies are ambushed by dragons. Facing annihilation, a rag tag group of P-51 pilots are sent on a desperate mission to fight the dragons and save the war.
P-51 Dragon Fighter

Starring is Scott Martin, Stephanie Beran, Ross Brooks, Osman Soykut, and Robert Pike Daniel. I’ve not heard of most of them, but a good chunk of the cast seems to come from Scott Martin’s Battle Force, so it will be people who work well together. As long as we get some cool dragon vs plane footage I will be happy. And if this shows up on SyFy, I will also be happy. Basically, make me happy, movie!

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p-51 Dragon Fighter

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