The Host infects with a second trailer

Did you camp out overnight to watch Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and now have wait until Stephanie Meyer writes some more books? Luck is on your side, as her other book, The Host, is already becoming a flick and just released the second trailer.

In the future where alien jerks called Souls have wiped out most of humanity and parasitized most of the survivors, the few real humans left include a pair of young hot and heavies known as Jared Howe and Melanie. But Melanie is captured and implanted with a Soul named Wanderer. Wanderer must not have spent much time at the Soul Gold Gym as it’s weak and doesn’t take full control of Melanie, enough that she can convince the alien to go looking for Jared so they can rekindle their romance. And also find her family but who cares about that crap? It’s all about the young love and will there be werewolf teens running around shirtless? Those are the important Stephanie Meyer plot details.

Saoirse Ronan is Melanie, Max Irons (how is that a real name?!?!?!) is Jared Howe, and Jake Abel, Diane Kruger and Frances Fisher costar.

Will America embrace this tale of alien parasite love? Will people make lots of Trill jokes? Do people even remember what a Trill is? No one loves DS9… =(

via MTV, who now plays trailer premieres but still no music videos.

Saoirse Ronan

My alien parasite is Little Red Riding Hood???

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