Sexual Quest

Sexual Quest

Written by Who Knows? No one is credited
Directed by Austin Brooks

Sexual Quest
You cashed out our 401k’s to buy WHAT???!

One thing you don’t see at all in softcore films are minority men. While the women may be every color under the sun (though black women are far less common), the men are almost always white, and the leads are always white. Not only does Sexual Quest break the mold, but it does it in the most smashing way by having an Asian male as the lead. And beyond that, an Asian male in a stable relationship with an Asian female who has multiple sex scenes. I can literally count on two fingers the amount of Asian males I’ve seen in softcore flicks in sex scenes (and both of them were villains with a lone sex scene!) Asian males get the short shift in general in media when it comes to sexuality, so it is good to see that they are making strides into all areas, even if it is one film at a time.

Sexual Quest
Who says I have a drinking problem??

Beyond the breaking ground of casting, Sexual Quest isn’t even written to be progressive racially. It’s just a normal couple film, the couple just happens to be Asian. The couple Jamie and Adam are normal people in a normal relationship, and they have normal feelings and emotions. They act like a real couple, with interactions involving spats and those little arguments you have from time to time. The naturalistic dialogue isn’t improvised (which is painfully obvious from time to time), which makes the lack of a credited writer upsetting. Sexual Quest is a great couple’s flick, the couple in the film cares for each other and their feelings, and work together to make their marriage work. As much fun as it is to watch the softcores involving alien chicks collecting milk jugs full of sperm for their home planet, sometimes it’s good to watch a film that can appeal to a larger demographic. And it gives enough sex scenes that even those who are watching for just one thing late at night on Cinemax won’t have to wait long for the action to start.

Sexual Quest is a journey. Yes, a sexual journey, but not one where people just start having sex with anything that crosses their path. This is a journey of a couple, as they work to explore their relationship and both expand their areas sexual experience and discovery while still respecting the boundaries of the other member of the couple. They work as a team, doing things that is slightly outside their comfort zones to try to please the other person. Often, they find they like the new experiences, but even as this couple has a lot of sex, they aren’t total freaks or anything. They could be any random couple. The vanilla background makes the quest more believable, and makes the eventual conclusion on what their fantasies lead too all the more real.

Sexual Quest
These Cosmo sex tips are just a list of menu items from Denny’s!

Jamie (Charmane Star) – Wife of Adam who helps come up with the idea of the sexual bucket list in order to spice up their sex life. Charmane Star is an adult actress that you may have seen in Wicked Fourgy of Whorror, Baby Doll Lesbian Orgies, or Operation Just Cooze.
Adam (James Kwong) – Jamie’s husband and co-conspirator of the sexual bucket list. James Kwong does nightclub work.
Kerry (Ann Marie Rios) – Kerry is Jamie’s friend who is going through relationship problems as her boyfriend is busy having sex with other women. You may have seen Ann Marie Rios in such fine adult fare as Lesbian Halfway House, Pretty Prisoners of Chloro Conspiracies, or Battle of the Hogtied Maids
Grant (Duane Carter) – Adam’s friend who becomes a tag-along on the fantasy list so he can live vicariously through his married friend. Isn’t it usually the opposite in these films?
Mike (Dean Black) – Bartender, lover, husband…Mike wears many hats, even though he doesn’t wear a hat in the actual film. Married to Cheryl, but the marriage is more open than arms in a Creed song.
Cheryl (Victoria White) – Blonde woman who is married to Mike, but has sex with many people who aren’t Mike, as their relationship is open. That’s about the extent of her personality. Adult actress Victoria White is also in the fine films This Ain’t Hollywood Squares XXX, Sexy! Naked!, Bound!, and Naked Tickle Passion.
Sexual Quest

A phone call from Jamie’s friend Kerry complaining about her boring sex life leads to our couple Jamie and Adam pondering over if their sex life is boring. They decide it is not as they have sex on the couch.

But the thought still lingers in Adam’s head, and that night in bed he asks more details about how Kerry’s sex life got so boring. Jamie relates Kerry’s complaints about predictability, everything happening in the same order, and Kerry no longer fantasizing about Keven.

Sexual Quest
Why do I get the feeling this couple has friends coming over crying in the middle of the night all the time?

An offhanded comment from Adam about how he used to have a list of things he wanted to do sexually before he got married leads to a fantasy confession from Jamie. And it’s decided that they’ll act this fantasy out and other fantasies off of a sexual bucket list they will make as an antidote for boring sex.

Later that night Kerry comes by in tears. She walked in on Kevin giving it to a random hot blonde…so she stayed and watched at the doorway for the entire time. Getting turned on. Then came over in tears. Priorities, people. Kerry and Jamie have a chat over coffee, girl talk, you know. Talking about tampons and whatever else ladies talk about. Jamie mentions their sexual bucket list. Kerry stays in the guest room for the night, while Jamie and Adam get it on.

Sexual Quest
Girl chat over drinks…

Kerry then gets to tag along on the fantasy where Jamie will pick up a random dude at a hotel to sex up (her husband!) Meanwhile, Adam mentions the fantasy to his coworker Grant, who gets jealous of his married buddy and also will tag along. If you think you can see where this will go, you win a whole bucket of wrong, because it isn’t what happens.

Adam and Jamie hit on each other for some on-getting, which is gotten on, fake bar pickup style! The bartender Mike is the “Llllllllllllladies!” type, and as no one bothers to talk to Kerry all night, she invites him to her place for a drink and a rebound session.

Sexual Quest
Drink to celebrate that artwork for sale on the back wall!

Grant may have a drinking problem, as he shows up at the bar the next day and puts the moves on this blonde named Cheryl, who we all saw earlier having sex with Kerry’s boyfriend Kevin. Though she leaves for work, she returns to the bar after her shift for some fun with Grant in a random storage room at the bar. Random bar storage rooms are highly known as desirable places to have sex.

It’s Adam’s turn next on the fantasy list, he wants Jamie to be a stripper! Which means putting a stripper pole in the house. Adam starts installing the stripper poll, but Jamie is a bit apprehensive and the couple has a bit of a tiff. The two make up later. Jamie says she can do the stripping if she can get Kerry to do it with her, and Grant can be in the audience if he shuts up.

Sexual Quest
This ain’t just orange juice, if you know what I mean…

The event happens much like it seems it would, with Jamie going from apprehensive to comfortable to enjoying it a lot. Jamie and Adam make the most of the excitement, which is sort of bad form as they leave their house guests alone!

Jamie then expands to being curious about having sex in front of other people. Adam is a bit uncomfortable about this and they agree to sleep on it, though he immediately gets up and runs into Grant in the living room. Grant is sleeping on the couch, because he gave Kerry his car to drive home (as her keys were accidentally left in the bedroom that Jamie and Adam were getting it on in!) This is a very complicated but realistic reason for someone to be sleeping on your couch.

It is agreed that the public sex show will go ahead, and Grant and Kerry are invited…to each bring a date.

Sexual Quest
Heh-heh, yeah, everyone in this flick is drunk…

Kerry brings Mike the bartender, and Grants brings Cheryl the free spirit. This is also when we find out that Mike and Cheryl are married! To each other! And are perfectly okay with the other banging random people! Kerry freaks out, Grant takes her home and they talk, which leads to what we know was inevitable between the two.

Adam and Jamie talk to Mike and Cheryl, learning that they started with risk taking and moved on to an open relationship. In any event, the public sex show is cancelled indefinitely. Adam and Jamie later discuss how the open relationship may work for Mike and Cheryl, but they find it sad and find it is destructive to others like Kerry and Grant. Adam and Jamie like their low-key fantasies and celebrate discovering and respecting their boundaries with some couch sex.

Sexual Quest
Let’s ignore how this “apartment” looks like a Holiday Inn…

Sexual Quest succeeds in being an entertaining flick for couples to enjoy. If anything, it might be too bland for those expecting things to go off the rails. But it doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not, and that’s just fine for me.

Rated 7/10 (aroused and unsure, we need to talk about Kevin, check out this cowboy hat guy!, angel plays the flute, sassy!, why is there a sculpture of an old man in their house?, WHAAAAAaaa???!)

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