New voices on TarsTarkas.NET

Starting Saturday, posts from people who aren’t me are going to start appearing on TarsTarkas.NET. We’ve brought on some additional writers to help keep the site updates more regular, allowing me to still be productive while I also focus on more time-consuming projects like the podcasts and videos. It also means there will be actual good writing here and not just me blathering on about whatever dog I saw while out walking. Soooo many wiener dogs… Join me in welcoming Ian Maddison and Sheldrake to TarsTarkas.NET! Their posts will appear on the main site and will make TarsTarkas.NET a better place. Having previewed their work, I am excited, and you will be too.

If you or someone you know is interesting in writing for TarsTarkas.NET, details are in this post.

Cookie Monster For President

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