TarsTarkas.NET is Hiring Writers

TarsTarkas.NET is currently seeking additional writers to help keep this place active and diverse in film coverage. Articles can be film reviews and/or articles about cinema/cinematic concepts. There is no real set style/requirement, at this point I’m just looking for interesting things to post.

TarsTarkas.NET is an income-generating blog, meaning the blog earns a profit, even if it is not much. As such, I do not believe in having additional authors work for free while I reap the benefits. Let’s leave that crap to the HuffingtonPost.
So this is a paid position:
If you fulfill a minimum of three (3) articles of 750+ words in the three month period, your compensation is $8
If you fulfill a minimum of six (6) articles of 750+ words in the three month period, your compensation is $20

We currently do no generate enough income to justify higher payouts at this time. The minimum length rule is to prevent someone from slapping together a 20 word long post and calling it a day, and like all rules it can be bent. Fulfillment requirements are met when the articles are approved for publication, not when they’re published. I have final say as to what is acceptable and what is not. Payment will be made via PayPal. You are responsible for reporting on your taxes if so required.

Your writing should be done in your style, but should also be done as professional as possible (after all, you will be getting paid!) This means trying to follow basic grammar, keep typos to a minimum, and don’t just copy directly from Wikipedia/other sources. Articles that are more personal and rich with details generally more interesting, IMHO. Subjects can be about anything you want. A brief perusal of our recent reviews and articles will show TarsTarkas.NET has a broad movie subject matter but leans towards cult cinema. We may expand more into tv/comics/games/all that stuff at a later date.

We only accept original work at TarsTarkas.NET. The articles must not have been published before in any format, nor be plagiarized from another source (if you plagiarize you will be immediately terminated!) TarsTarkas.NET retains unlimited rights publish the articles, and you may republish them wherever you like after 6 months from the original publishing date here.

TarsTarkas.NET reviews generally contain a large amount of screen shots. You are not required to produce a large amount of pictures, but it is encouraged to have images of some sort. If you pull images from other sites, please source them. Please keep all images safe for work. I may be able to assist on getting images in certain cases.

If you are interested, please email some examples of your work to tarstarkas [at] tarstarkas.net preferably as word documents. If I’m interested, I will contact you with further details. If there are any further questions, feel free to ask me. I look forward to reading your applications.

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Kaiju Sesame Street

2 thoughts on “TarsTarkas.NET is Hiring Writers

  1. I emailed Vicki. I might be interested depending on what type of films you want discussed….BTW…not really good at images! Probably best if you would assign specific types of articles to begin with. Give me an email if interested!

    Thanks Tars!

    • Feel free to apply. I don’t want to be too assigning of things to do as at this point I’m open to people doing whatever they want as the site is broad enough to accommodate a lot of possibilities. Once I get used to managing writers again (and if the budget allows) I might hire people for specific types of articles.

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