Looney Toons: Back in Back in Action!

Looney toons

Get your carrot on as Looney Toons is being rebooted again for the….let me count….1,251st time! It’s a live action/animated hybrid just like the last two features, Space Jam and Looney Toons: Back in Action. Except this time it’s different. Somehow. That they won’t tell us.

Funny female Jenny Slate has been hired to write, you might remember her from her brief SNL stint or her involvement in the viral video Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (which she co-wrote and voiced!)

Honestly, this sounds like it could be cool. Bugs, Daffy, Yosemite, Taz, Roadrunner, Elmer, all the rest, they’re all classic characters who just need the proper guidance and their personalities will do the rest. And anvils will drop. Hopefully.

via THR

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