Game on for a new round of Jumanji!

That completely obvious headline is true, there will be a new Jumanji film, reimagined and updated for the present. That’s literally what Columbia Pictures president Doug Belgrad said. He mentioned a bit about the Steve Jobs biopic and how there will probably be a Men in Black 4. But the important thing is they’re rebooting Jumanji. Jumanji! Updated! What, are they going to make it a Facebook app? Jumanji on the iPhone that the kids download illegally and suddenly are playing the jungle game? This is one idea that we need a dislike button on Facebook for. give me the classic Jumanji with Robin Williams bouncing around, CGI fat rhinos that can’t keep up with the herd, the hunter played by the same actor as the father, and the dystopian alternate timeline future created by the game that would totally cause the main characters to go crazy. That’s Jumanji.

This is the wrong Jumanji!

Jumanji cover from this track

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