Clifford the Big Red Movie

Clifford, the gigantic freak canine whose appearance has delighted children for decades and somehow has not caused him to be drown in a lake by crazed religious nuts as some sort of demon dog, will soon be a feature length commer– film from the people who brought you The Lorax – Illumination Entertainment and Universal. Matt Lopez of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice fame will write the script. He’s also attached to the Asteroids film that we’ve heard little about lately. But I’m sure that’s because they’re just taking their time to make it so good!

Norman Bridwell’s Clifford the Big Red Dog books first were published in 1963, and were previously a well-loved PBS series featuring the voice of John Ritter.

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Clifford the Lobbyist

Clifford the Big Red Dog makes deals to get the DREAM Act passed before the Senate figures out it's on a rider to a bill celebrating Apple Pie...

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