Topaz Duo: Cosmic Phoenix

Do you like Arabic scifi musicals? Well, you better, because Topaz Duo: Cosmic Phoenix is going to hit the movieworld soon enough!

The world’s first Arab sci-fi, musical, comedy, starring lounge singers Ahmed and Nahla, also known as ‘Topaz Duo’, fighting to save the world with music and love.

But can the musical duo save the world from the Cosmic Phoenix? I sure hope so, otherwise we’ll all be dead and stuff! That’s about all we know, except there are weird electric effects and a possible Cosmic Phoenix monster.

Written and directed by Benito Robinsoni

Starring Ahmed ElGhamrawi, Nahla Alsawi, Joanna Hartescu, Ashraf Farrah, Mohanned Melhem


Topaz Duo: Cosmic Phoenix | توباز ديو : كوزميك فينيكس

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Topaz Duo Cosmic Phoenix

Attack of the Cardassian Galor-class attack cruiser Monster!

Topaz Duo Cosmic Phoenix

She's got the touch!

Topaz Duo Cosmic Phoenix

Freaking zombie ravers!

Topaz Duo Cosmic Phoenix

The Matrix is real, man!

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