Muppets Hunger Games parody trailer

One more parody trailer to celebrate the DVD release! Finally, something about The Hunger Games that I’m actually interested in…besides popcorn at the movie theater! It will be so satisfying watching children kill each other for food while eating lots of food. Take that, soon to be dead kids in a post-apocalyptic dystopia!

Muppet Hunger Games image via redbubble – you can get it on a shirt!

Muppet Hunger Games

2 thoughts on “Muppets Hunger Games parody trailer

  1. I haven’t seen the muppets yet and keep hearing great things. I hate to say I’m one of the many who have enjoyed the Hunger Games novels. I personally can’t wait to watch children kill each other on the big screen even though Battle Royale will surely have done it much better when it’s all said and done.

    • I’ll probably read the novels before I watch the film, but I won’t watch the film until it’s on DVD because I’m just not interested in it for some reason. But the film will be big.

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