Zone Fighter Episode 04 – Raishuu! Garoga Dai Gundan – Gojira Toujou –

Zone Fighter Episode 04 – Raishuu! Garoga Dai Gundan – Gojira Toujou –

aka Onslaught! The Garoga Army: Enter Godzilla! aka Invasion! Garoga’s Grand Army – Godzilla Appears –


Directed by Ishiro Honda
Written by Shozo Uehara

Finally Godzilla’s supposed to show up, right? his name is in the freaking episode! This is old school silly Godzilla, around the time of Gigans, Megalons, and defending the earth from whatever stupid alien is attacking it.

Huzzah! He’s in the preview before the episode! Wooooo! First the theme song:

Zone…Zone…Zone…baka baka baka…eats toliet paper…Zone Fighto!

The Zone Family sees another meteor so goes to investigate, and there Takeru gets beat up by a remote control airplane. Yes, I write the truth. Then Takeru beats up the guy flying the remote control airplane. There is a lot of remote control violence in this episode!

But Hotaru knows this dude from back on Peaceland! He’s another Peaceland survivor named Sachio, and although everyone is suspicious because he’s a violent model airplane assaulter, he gets invited home for dinner by Hotaru.

Later Wargilgar appears! Zone Fighter quickly grows up to fight him. New Zone Fighter special moves include some sort of rainbow doorway that stops Wargilgar’s fire breath briefly. Wargilgar has fire breath that looks very dangerous and also has a double-barreled shotgun come out of its mouth and shoots at Zone Fighter. They fight for a while until Sachio materializes a ray gun that blasts Wargilgar into nothing!

All too easy!

Sachio leaves behind a music box at the Zone Family house that when opened turns all the toys there into violent war toys that try to kill the Zone Family. Hikaru gets shot in the right shoulder by a toy tank. Zone Angel figures out it is the music box and shuts it.

Sachio yells at them from the tv, saying he’s a spy and they are dumb. And Wargilgar is back and attacking the city.

Wargilgar burns tanks and jets – NT AIR BETTS is written across the jets. Can you decipher the secret meaning? Because I can’t.

Zone Fighter turns into Zone Fighter…and then flies into the freaking tv to fight Wargilgar!!!


His arm is too injured to fight well. Hotaru then shoots Sachio! Who then turns into a Gargora! Hotaru fights him as Zone Angel, Zone Junior helps, but not in a helpful way. Sachio is bored, so he just turns into the giant Terror-Beast Spyler!

Spyler has a giant metal crescent moon on his butt, because I know you wanted to know that.

The two monsters ping pong the frak out of Zone Fighter. Zone Angel sends a message to Godzilla…who shows up like two seconds later!

I guess he was kicking some Gabara butt in the next town over or something. Thanks for giving us the Godzilla monster title Card for the zero people in the audience who don’t know who Big G is.

Godzilla kicks butt almost immediately, ripping off the metal moon butt of Spyler. Wargilgar sets the Godzilla costume on fire! Godzilla responds with gas breath or something…and burns up an obvious double for the Wargilgar costume. Wargilgar is dead! It’s nice to see Godzilla murder someone.

Zone Fighter uses his meteor gun and shoots Spylar, then blows him up.

Godzilla beats his chest like he’s King Kong, and the episode ends. See? Godzilla has gone bonkers! Poor Big G. Hopefully with advances in kaiju medicine, new medicine can be found.

Everyone lives happily ever after…until next week!

Rated 7/10 (attacking robot, attacking robot, worst show on tv ever, opening graphic, totally not an attacking toy, crashing jet, Godzilla on fire!)

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