Quick accountability update

TWI reports,

A brief detour from my Guantanamo coverage, as a State Department official, speaking only on background, confirmed something else I’ve been working on. The private security company formerly known as Blackwater and now known as Xe Services, will be allowed to bid on the next generation of the State Department’s lucrative Worldwide Protective Services Contract.

This is after Nisour Square, a civil lawsuit settlement in January,  tax evasion, shooting Afghan civilians from the roof of a moving car with (smuggled) AK-47s signed out to “Eric Cartman” for a paramilitary training program (which resulted in federal indictment), and using a shell company to evade suspicion for a contract.  This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it’s more than enough to know that it’s time to stop paying them to do this.

This is separate from the other shady stuff with the CIA/JSOC which isn’t really subject to oversight (another problem altogether).  This contract is the one they were winning year after year to “guard” government officials on diplomatic trips.  Getting this this contract means that every time that Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton, or Alan Grayson for that matter go on a diplomatic visit, they’re relying on Blackwater for protection and/or killing people for fun.

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