Star Trek: Hidden Frontier – 203 – Old Wound

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier – 203 – Old Wound

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Directed by Risha Denney

Captain Angry must face the fact that he is angry in this Very Special Episode of Star Trek: Hidden Frontier!

Captain Ian Quincy Knapp (David W. Dial) – Still Angry! His brother was killed by the Dominion, and left Captain Knapp angry! Had a mysterious encounter during the Dominion War (The Dominion who killed his brother) with mystery aliens that made him angry, and now that he commands Deep Space 12 and the USS Excelsior he can take out his anger over his brother’s death with flaming kill-lasers. Did I mention his brother was killed?
Commander Elizabeth Shelby (Risha Denney) – Stop standing in Shelby’s way or I’ll kick your butt! Shelby’s back and being Shelby and stuff. This time, she’s prosecuting Captain Angry. That will learn him to stand in her way!
Counselor Myra Elbrey (Barbara Clifford) – Betazoid, used to teach at the Academy. Survivor of the Grey attack on the USS Rutledge. Has a dog named Mr. Scott. Occasionally blonde.
Lt. Cmd. Robin Lefler (Joanne Busch) – Chief Engineer, and still dating Wesley Crusher despite the fact he ran off after last season. You may remember Lefler when she was Ashley Judd on the actual The Next Generation show. Has a bunch of laws that she will recite until you pull out a gun and kill yourself. Lefler’s Law Number 244 is “Recite laws until everyone dies!”
Ensign Jenna McFarland (Adrianne Lange) – Half-Trill, Half-Human, all Navigation. I still don’t know if she has a worm in her belly. Is always there if you need the ship steered. Has amusing stories that she never gets to finish due to the plots developing. Her uncle’s name is Rufus.
Lt. John Martinez (Anthony Diaz) – Chief of Security who looks like a Chief of Security. Thus he is the Chief of Security. I know he does so on the USS Excelsior, but I don’t know if he does so on Deep Space 12 as well. Will eventually wander off in the middle of the season.
Admiral Nechayev (Renee Huberstock) – The best admiral ever is now a semi-main character, appearing in pretty much every episode and yelling at everyone. Renee Huberstock was a day player in several episodes in Season 1, now she has a permanent role, so they’ll need another person to play random background women. Will Captain Angry and Admiral Angry yell at each other? Heck yeah!
Lt. Toby Witczak (Matt Kruer) – Assistant chief engineer, was on the USS Devonshire during the Grey attack. Still putting it on a pedestal. Witczak enjoys reading The Hobbit and getting shot down for dates by his boss. And getting shot in the chest. Whoops!

Guest Star Roll Call

Commodore Cole (Jennifer Cole) – Commodore Cole is still hanging around, because Jennifer Cole is still around. Thus, she’s on the show from time to time, this time being a judge. Commander Cole pronounces you guilty.
Andorian Admiral (Phillip Brickey) – This Andorian Admiral totally rocks the antennas! He presides over Captain Angry’s trial, because we need Andorian admirals to preside over angry dudes. Of course, now we got like a whole bunch of Admirals and Commodores in this section of space, which probably makes it very annoying if you are a renegade Starfleet Captain.
Dominion Founder (Larry La Verne) – Odo’s brother here is another nameless Founder who is all gooey and stuff. He’s working with the Federation to help fight the Grey, except for fact he was secretly negotiating with the Grey to try to take over the Federation! And he get blown away by Captain Angry…or does he? You’ll have to read the synopsis or download the episode to find out!

Security override! OMG, Martinez and a nameless security dude played by Brian Delmastro burst into a room, there is some random metal things, and Captain Angry is there with the weirdest look in the universe! Teaser over.

Looks like we’re gonna have a trial! Shelby disagrees because she has to be prosecutor because of that TNG episode where Data wanted to be human despite already having the rights to be human (why else would he have been admitted to Starfleet?) and then he suddenly wasn’t. So Captain Angry will be on trial. For what is not important, what is important is we have a plethora of characters to talk about first! The board of inquiry is made up of Alynna Nechayev, Commodore Jennifer Cole, and a random Andorian guy. This show sure likes Andorians. Probably because Andorians are cool, even if the modern trek producers didn’t figure that out until Enterprise. There is also an audience, filled with a few extras including a Tzenkethi Ambassador (Matt Kruer), Lt. Commander Dave Mason (Dave Mason), Ensign Mark Abney (Rob Caves), Nurse Hanley (Betty Bainton), Ensign Capell (Jonathan Foertsch), and the bald alien with the three foot long beard who shows up as a background alien every once in a while (Suzy Kaplan). Also Martinez and Myra Elbrey. Okay, that’s enough cast shout-outs for today.

The trial starts as Martinez is called to the stand and we finally will find out what the hell is going on. Because we don’t know what the hell is going on, and I would like the know what the hell is going on, as knowing what the hell is going on is a hobby of mine, like collecting frogs and yelling at hobos. Martinez lets us know the Excelsior has been asigned to test a new weapons system, because you always want to test new weapons systems on the flagship that are the lynchpins of security of specific regions. The Dominion made a device to help fight the Grey because we need to help them rebuild their economy after the war. Except the fact the entire Dominion infrastructure is probably intact do to it being out of the war for the entire war, so that doesn’t make sense either. But if we keep them busy fighting the Grey and the Orange and the Burnt Sienna, then they won’t fight the Feddies.

So the Bajoran Engineer guy from the last episode is now playing a nameless founder while doing an Odo impression and Counselor Elbrey is wearing a goofy metal hat that will turn her psychic Betazoid powers into a weapon. Captain angry is angry, but even more angry as usual. You see, the Dominion killed his brother, perhaps you have heard that mentioned one of the billions of times it was mentioned in the series.

A Grey vessel shows up and Elbrey speaks with a voice over the intercom system as Captain Angry gets all angry. The Grey ship wanders off and the Founder acts like a jerk, so Captain Angry gets more angry. Back in non-flashback land, the tribunal argues a bit. Then Martinez says he doesn’t have enough time to do the investigation, while they say no and demand security tapes. The tape shows Captain Angry putting on Device #2 while the founder is wearing Device #1, and then Captain Angry pulls out a phaser and blasts the Founder with a phaser set on level 3. Which is heavy stun, not enough to kill the founder. The investigation is incomplete, so they rest for two hours so Martinez can get to work. Funny how they suddenly want to get actual investigation work done, but still, what is the rush?

Martinez is hard at work…getting drunk in 10-Forward with Jenna MacFarland! Martinez and her argue about the Captain’s guilt, while Captain Angry and Counselor Elbrey argue at another table. There are a lot of arguments in this episode. Star Trek: Argument!

Jenna Macfarland has an Uncle Rufus who talks to six foot rabbits with red bow ties, fyi.

Shelby comes in to apologize to Captain Angry, but instead he is still angry and she starts giving those sarcastic apologies that are actually insults. Captain Angry goes to “Rar!” mode.

The trial resumes and Commodore Jennifer Cole is called to testify despite her being one of the judges. Flashbacks show Captain Angry being totally angry, it rules. He’s like the angriest guy ever. Things would have been fine not going into the Captain’s past until Cole brings it up herself, thus giving Shelby permission to dig deeper into Angry’s hate of all things Dominion and Founder and Hadar.

Toby Witczak and Martinez are investigation the device by looking at it. Yeah, that will work. Go back to the bar, Martinez. Witczak finally puts on the damn alien device and gets visions of Lefler in a black dress ready to party Witczak style. Only Toby is smart enough to put on the device??? Witczak bursts into the courtroom and whispers what happened, thus getting called to the stand. Toby tells us that when humans put on the device, they see what they want to see, not what reality is.

Knapp called to the stand. Captain Angry says he wandered into the Founder’s quarters to yell at him, but instead saw the founder as a puddle of goo with the device on, and he thought it was active and the Founder was contacting the Grey. So he put on the other device and saw just that. The Founder is talking to Grey Etherials, which are no longer differently colored Greys but are instead some floating CGI skull/spinal column things. Captain Knapp calls him a bastard and blasts him. Because the Founder could read his thoughts, it believed it was being killed, and died, despite only being stunned. This is enough for the Andorian who is all set to wrap up and go eat lunch or something.

The audience cheers! “HUZZAH!”

Afterward, Shelby goes to Captain Angry’s quarters to try to come clean, but Angry realizes his anger caused some guy to die. For once he is not angry, but don’t worry, he’ll be angry again next week!

Rated 6/10 (Johnny Andor, Johnny Beard, Johnny Nurse, Johnny Blink, Johnny Snaggletooth, Johnny Redshirt)

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