New Review – The Boy and a Magic Box

Thew new review is yet another Taiwanese kaiju film, The Boy and a Magic Box. This one is packed with a whole host of crazy monsters. Including the craziest monster of them all, another annoying kid. but besides that horrible beast, we got three-headed dragons, monkey bird guys, Monkey King, three-eyed dudes, a Triceratops-ish monster, a flame-breathing T-Rex with kung fu weapons, and a three-headed six-armed awesome monster. Complete with loads of clips and pictures, read it today!

One thought on “New Review – The Boy and a Magic Box

  1. It at least looks like the image quality was pretty good on this one, even if the subs were truncated. And that bug-eyed, horned dino looks suspiciously similar to the one in Legend of Mother Goddess.

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