Will Risk be a risk?

So I was thinking I should start doing goofy puns as story headlines because all the big movie sites do that, but then they are never funny and sometimes very stupid, so I probably won’t any more. If you’re like me (and I know I am) than you fondly remember your college days of playing Risk until 5 am with the other people in the dorm who never studied. Oh, should we do the Australian strategy? Or try for South America? Maybe become a bigger target with North America but enjoy the massive army production? How about bad luck getting stuck in Asia? Anyone have a Battle of Britain, where dozens of armies fell to three troops just never losing a dice roll? Anyway, now you can relive all that as a movie. Or not, as the movie will probably be actual war and stuff. No one has ever done a war movie before, so this is groundbreaking material here. Will Risk battle Battleship for board game movie supremacy? No one will ever beat Clue, so it doesn’t matter.

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