Times they are a-changing

Or at least the blog theme did, as we’re now running the Atahualpa theme now because of the customizing things I can do to it. That means we’ll be playing around with the layout for the next few days. And maybe get rid of those stupid berries up top and replace it with a rubber monster or something. It depends on how often I can get control of the computer. Enjoy, criticize, complain, all that jazz…

2 thoughts on “Times they are a-changing

  1. not on the new theme per se…
    But thanks for the site and the reviews….
    Found it while hunting monster X .. G8 summit
    and have enkoyed it since

    One question.. di you ever run across:

    One of my earliest “really-bad-movie” experiences.
    Watch as hair length changes in mid scene! Watch people attacked by “invisible” aliens.. Whooha.. that crashed
    alien spaceship looks like a pile of vinyl siding in a ditch..

    I rec it highly.. find-a-ble if looked for
    (just trying to give back)
    cheers + thanks

    • I have not seen that one, but I have seen director Don Dohler’s Galaxy Invader (made famous by being in the opening credits of the MST3K version of Pod People) which is pretty bad. I have had a rough draft of that sitting around on my hard drive for literally years. Hopefully I will dust it off once I get the computer it is on out of storage.


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