Janjaweed/Attack on Darfur – Uwe Boll’s next film

Uwe Boll is sort of overhyped as the worst director ever when he is really just a terrible director who happens to make movies that nerds get emotionally involved with. As he seems to be losing any possible video game movie contracts (after Far Cry, which will be his last one barring any more DTV sequels of the others) his original films are overblown but not standout-ish in any way. Seed was notable only due to the real animal abuse footage that was unnecessary, and Tunnel Rats is getting mixed reviews, far from the terrible cesspool that was his filmmaking around the time of Alone in the Dark and House of the Dead. So Boll marches once more into the realm of original film with Janjaweed, starring Billy Zane and Kristianna Loken as American journalists who are confronted with the dilemma of whether to return home and report on the atrocities they have witnessed or to stay behind to help victims. Billy Zane was noted for being sued by Boll over profits from the BloodRayne film. I guess that hatchet is buried, unlike the hatchet that should be buried in the head of Uwe Boll. Yeah, that was a harsh joke, but it was required because the opening was there. As Boll continues to crank out films, maybe I’ll get around to watching some of his later ones. I keep meaning to but laziness strikes when you least suspect it.

Attack on Darfur

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