Samson—In the Future!

Hey, we all love the story of Samson in the Bible and how Delilah cut his hair and he pushed some columns in all suicide bomber-like, but you will love it even more in the future!

Warner prevailed in a three-studio bidding battle. The seven-figure deal comes despite a sluggish year so far for deals on material.

Scott Silver (8 Milie) will write the script, and Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend) will direct. Erwin Stoff will produce through 3 Arts.

Samson gives a futuristic twist to the story of the biblical strongman who was invincible until he was betrayed by Delilah, to whom he entrusted the secret that his strength came from his long hair.

Three studios were fighting over this movie! THREE!!! Is it any wonder why movies are terrible, just terrible now? Samson in the future is dumb, but Zorro in the future will rule!
Zorro 2110 was to be its name, but who knows what is happening with that one, it has been lawsuit city since 2005:

Filmmakers Sue Sony Pictures Over Rights To Make ‘Zorro’ Film

Who owns Zorro? That’s the question filmmakers are asking a judge to answer.

Los Angeles, CA — Sobini Films claims it owns the rights to a 1919 book in which the character Zorro first appears and it wants to use that to make a futuristic movie to be called “Zorro 2110.”

But Sony Pictures sent a cease-and-desist letter, stopping the Sobini project, claiming Sony owns exclusive rights to develop and distribute all films and T-V programs based on “Zorro.”

Now Sobini is suing.

The complaint also asks the judge to find that Zorro’s look, including his black mask, cape, hat and sword, cannot be tradmarked or copyrighted.

No comment on the suit from Sony Pictures.

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