The Super Heroes Project

Ongoing project showcasing super heroes, whether good or otherwise (probably not so good.) There is no defined end to this project.

3 Dev Adam aka Turkish Spiderman

Astro Boy – Fuhrer ZZZ
Bedmen Yarasa Adam aka Turkish Batman
Black Rose aka Hei mei gui

Catman in Boxers Blow
Catman in Lethal Track
Cicak Man
Cicak Man 2 – Planet Hitam
Cutie Honey aka Kyuutii Hanii
East Meets West 2011 aka 東成西就2011 aka Eagle Shooting Heroes 2011
Kilink Istanbul’da aka Killink in Istanbul

Kizil Maske (1968 Dir. – Çetin Inanç) aka Red Mask aka Turkish Phantom

Kizil Maske (1968 Dir. – Tolgay Ziyal) aka Red Mask aka Turkish Phantom

Lady Black Cat aka Haak Ye Maau

Midnight Angel aka Ng ye tin si


Planet Hulk

Protege De La Rose Noire aka Gin chap hak mooi gwai

Robo Vampire

Santo Contra la Invasion de los Marcianos aka Santo Against the Martian Invasion
Spy With My Face aka Black Rose vs. Black Rose aka Hei mei gui yu hei mei gui

Starman – Atomic Rulers
Starman – Attack From Space
Starman – Evil Brain From Outer Space
Starman – Invaders From Space

Super Ninja Doll aka Super Ninja Bikini Babes
Zebraman aka Zeburaman aka ゼブラーマン
Zebraman 2: Attack on Zebra City aka Zeburaman: Zebura Shiti no gyakushu aka ゼブラーマン ゼブラシティの逆襲

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