Godzilla Island – Story Arc 9

Godzilla Island – Story Arc 9


Directed by Shun Mizutani

Godzilla Island is underfunded. Despite the fact they have a vast amount of monsters and technology stored there, only one guy and a robot are stationed there. And they are less than effective, which is why Torema can show up out of nowhere and outdo them at every turn. Plus, in this story arc they have to deal with space jellyfish and ghosts! Where is Bill Murray when you need him? If you are just joining the Godzilla Island party, hop on over to the first story arc to get introduced. For those of you who are in this for the long haul, just proceed as normal. And pretend you know who Dogora is, because he gets angry and starts throwing business cards! March of Godzilla Island continues!

G-Guard Commander (Jiro Dan) – G-Guard Commander runs the Godzilla Guard unit on Godzilla Island. He’s all alone except for sassy robot Lucas, so of course he’s bored out of his skull normally. He seems to have been stationed there because it’s a low-priority assignment they could dump someone who can’t work under pressure, because that’s exactly what he is. Luckily Torema shows up to save his pants. I do not know if he has a name but it may be Oji.
Torema (Maimi Okuwa) – A mysterious young girl who shows up one day on Godzilla Island right when the dastardly Xiliens begin to attack. She repels the attack, joins the G-Guard, and begins her fight against Zaguresu the Xilien because Xiliens destroyed her home planet (I think that’s what happened – she may have been from future Earth.) Has psychic powers and her own spaceship called the Panatolute.
Zaguresu (Naoko Aizawa) – Evil Xilien woman who invades Earth using giant monsters and her giant Independence Day/V rip-off spaceship. Enjoys laughing evilly while contemplating the latest diabolical schemes. Follows the Xilien leader Giant Emperor’s orders, because that’s what they do on Planet X. Sheep! Her spaceship is named the Vabaruda.
Lucas (Kenichiro Shimamura) – Annoying robot, Godzilla Island-style! Makes sarcastic remarks, and seems to be even mean at times. An annoying Kenny kid in floating metal sphere form. He must be destroyed! Translates from monster language to Japanese.
Narrator – (Yutaka Aoyama) – He’s not a character but the guy who recaps the previous episode in the beginning of the episode. That means thirty seconds of each three minute episode is Narrator recounting events, padding running time beyond levels I want to think about. He’s a typical Japanese male announcer, amazingly excited and epic about even the most mundane things.
Giant Emperor (???) – Giant flaming head who commands the Xiliens and Planet X. Do not look behind the curtain. The great and powerful Giant Emperor commands you, and can hear your sarcastic backtalk! Still, being a flaming head in space has got to be pretty boring.

Different monster feature in each episode, so we’ll keep track of them in each story arc. The complete Godzilla Island Daikaiju List is located here. We’ll also list any new monster match-ups that weren’t in any film but now exist thanks to this series, such as Baragon fighting Manda or something. The R2 Japanese DVD release is unsubtitled, so most of what is going on will be educated guesses thanks to our limited Japanese speaking ability. But here at TarsTarkas.NET we don’t need no stinking subtitles!

Featuring the monsters –

Anguirus – Godzilla’s first foe and now a close friend. His only power is a spiky back but he’s brave on the battlefield. One of the usual residents on Godzilla Island who shows up to watch the action as stories progress.
Baragon – Big ears, big horn on the nose, likes to dig underground. One of the usual residents on Godzilla Island who shows up to watch the action.
Dogora – from the film Dogora, can be killed by bee and wasp venom. Each piece of body can form into a new body. Likes to pretend he’s some evil mastermind, but attacks by throwing business cards.
Godzilla – The King of Monsters. Godzilla is pure awesome in giant fire-breathing lizard form. Everyone who comes to Godzilla Island wants a piece of Godzilla. And they all get kicked to the curb.
Godzilla Junior – Godzilla’s lamest son is here also. Looks likes some sort of lizard squirrel or something. Give me Minya! I’ll even take nephew Godzooky!
Gorosaurus – Old foe of King Kong who spends most of his days watching whatever happens on Godzilla Island. His special move was to do kangaroo kicks.
King Caesar – King Caesar is King of Zen as well. He’s a Samurai Lion who will kick your behind! He is some sort of Taoist/Shinto priest or something in addition to being a giant monster.
Mechagodzilla – This is the second Mechagodzilla, which was created by humans to fight Godzilla. Now stationed on Godzilla Island as one of its defenders. Usually automated, but can be piloted at times (and has been by G-Guard Commander.) Usually paired with Moguera.
Medical Jet Jaguar – Jet Jaguar got his medical degree from Daikaiju University. Now he helps the sick and injured monsters on Godzilla Island. That name suits him!
Moguera – The Mobile Operation Godzilla Universal Expert Robot Aero-Type, or MOGUERA, was also built to fight Godzilla, and is also stationed on Godzilla Island to defend it now. In one episode we see Torema pilots Moguera, but other episodes it is unclear who is in control. Moguera can separate into Star Falcon and Land Moguera pieces in the movies, but doesn’t here.
Mothra Leo – a boy Mothra who has extra powers, from the Rebirth of Mothra series. Can zap things with antenna and wing blasts. No one has a good explanation on how male Mothra Leo is supposed to continue the Mothra line. But don’t worry, as an egg magically appears anyway.
Rodan – A prehistoric monster awakened in modern day, Rodan is a former foe of Godzilla who has learned to work with him to fight off the evil monsters. Has some hot springs named after him on Godzilla Island. Will eventually become Fire Rodan, because he did so in the Heisei movie series that was still recent, in addition to giving Bandai another toy.
Space Godzilla – Godzilla…from Space! Really into crystals. Keeps trying to take over Godzilla Island, despite being blown up repeatedly. Even possesses Godzilla at one point.

Giant jellyfish, Godzilla going nuts, life forces being sucked out, King Caesar inexplicably knowing a lot about religious things, and Godzilla Junior actually doing something useful. Story Arc 9 is here, queer, and used to it. But not in so many words. The best part of watching this in unsubtitled Japanese is any verbal clues as to who the monster possessing Godzilla was are completely lost. Though I also lost what the heck Dogora is supposed to be. Let’s get to this…

Episode 69 – Another Chance for Zaguresu
Giant Emperor appears again in space to zap Zaguresu with electricity for failing with the Mecha-King Ghidorah incident. It’s very shocking. I’m sorry, that pun was so bad, a giant flaming head appeared to fry me with electricity! Giant Emperor then tells Zaguresu a new plan, or something. Then a giant glowing Jellyfish thing appears in space talking to Zaguresu and laughing. Why, this is the famous monster Dogora, who you have probably heard of thanks to the phenomenon of a movie Dogora. What? Never heard of him? Well, he’s a giant jellyfish that can grow into new whole bodies after being blown up. He’s evil, that’s all we need to know. Tsuzuku.

Episode 70 – Overseer of the Spirit World
Dogora gives Zaguresu his business card, where we find out he is Overseer of the Spirit World. I’m guessing, of course, as this is unsubtitled Japanese, but that’s the title of the episode so I’m drawing a logical conclusion. And when you logically conclude, you make a logic out of Ally MacBeal and some dude. Or something. Dogora then goes to Godzilla Island, turns the moon red (of course, why wouldn’t he??), and makes some glowing comet thing hit Godzilla, knocking Godzilla out. The next morning Torema is taking photos (with the required Asian Peace sign) and hears Godzilla Junior whining about dad, who is still unconscious. Stop being unconscious, Godzilla, because now we have to see your gimp son! Tsuzuku.

Episode 71 – The Massive Godzilla
Medical Jet Jaguar called to try to fix Godzilla. Medical Jet Jaguar is awesome! He’s a jet, he’s a jaguar, he’s a doctor! Medical Jet Jaguar, MD! This week on Medical Jet Jaguar MD, Medical Jet Jaguar is caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse… Sorry. Medical Jet Jaguar is stumped, so flies Godzilla away for more tests. I hope Godzilla has a good HMO. Dogora has more evil plans. Tsuzuku.

Episode 72 – Godzilla Intense Fighting Record
With Godzilla sick; G-Guard commander, Torema, and Lucas remember all the evil monsters Godzilla has defeated o over the course of the series. By stock footage! We just had a damn stock footage show!!! What the %*#$? Notice the crane holding the giant bag of ice on Godzilla’s forehead. Don’t tell me they blew the entire budget for this episode by repainting Jet Jaguar and making a tiny bag of ice! Godzilla opens his eyes at the end of the episode, but they are deep red! Tsuzuku!

Episode 73 – Godzilla’s Insanity
Godzilla gets up and attacks Rodan, sucking out some life force energy or something from him. Whatever it is, it looks like he’s coughing up bukkake in the screenshots. So this episode has that going for it. Torema and G-Guard Commander examine her photos and see the ghost of Space Godzilla floating by the unconscious Godzilla. Somebody call Bill Murray! Tsuzuku.

Episode 74 – The Frightening Photograph of the Spirit Beast
74 G-Guard Commander and Lucas tell Torema to get King Caesar, as he’d know what to do about the ghost of Space Godzilla. Of course he would. King Caesar interned with Egon Spengler back at Harvard. So she goes to get him while Dogora tells Zaguresu he’s got more tricks ups his sleeve and also heads to Earth. Tsuzuku. Speaking of which, would a naked jellyfish have sleeves? Maybe I should use a better colloquial when badly translating this program. But I’m lazy. Sleaves it is.

Episode 75 – King Caesar’s Search
Godzilla attacks Anguirus as Torema lands near where King Caesar lives, and follows some signs to get to his house (as Dogora follows her.) There are a LOT of signs, King Caesar must own stock in Burma Shave or something. Godzilla defeats Anguirus, sucks out his life energy, and heads to where Gorosaurus lives. Tsuzuku.

Episode 76 – Torema vs. Godzilla
Torema encounters Dogora who was trying to make her lost by moving scenery around. Jellyfish do that. He shoots business cards at her, then tries to bribe her. Torema shoots him, because Japanese girls have an innate fear of tentacled things thanks to years of hentai-enduced trauma. Dogora explodes, but the pieces reform back into Dogora. He flies off and King Caesar approaches her. He has no tentacles so he’s safe. Possessed Godzilla fights with Gorosaurus as we Tsuzuku.

Episode 77 – Stop Godzilla!
Space Godzilla-possessed Godzilla sucks up Gorosaurus’s life force, then heads to Mothra Leo’s house. Now would be a good time to warn the monsters, G-Guard Commander! Seriously, if Torema never showed up Earth would be doomed! Torema chats with King Caesar, who tells her stuff. He speaks in monster-ese which she translates to Japanese, neither of which are intelligent languages so I can’t tell you what they said. Maybe they talked about 1960’s Japanese fashion. G-Guard Commander sends Mechagodzilla and Moguera to defend Mothra Leo from the possessed Godzilla. Way to do something, GGC! Next thing you know you’ll be able to answer your phone without alien girls flying onto the island to help you! Tsuzuku.

Episode 78 – Hurry King Caesar!
Godzilla blasts Moguera out of the fight in one shot of weird red radioactive breath. Mechagodzilla’s attack is unsuccessful, and he also falls after a single blast from the possessed Godzilla. Godzilla is energized, he must have had a Red Bull before the show. It gives you wings. Mothra Leo escapes the cave as Torema arrives to try to help. King Caesar has some Shinto Tract thing that will free Godzilla, but Dogora buries him in a landslide. D’oh! Godzilla hits Mothra Leo with his red breath blast and closes in as we Tsuzuku.

Episode 79 – Way to Go Nashi
Godzilla sucks off Mothra Leo- I mean sucks out his life force. Godzilla then heads over to Baragon, who hasn’t been alerted by G-Guard Commander, either, but probably has figured out that every other monster is either unconscious or buried under rocks. The two fight there, as G-Guard Commander prepares to evacuate the base. I see he’s willing to save his own neck but can’t be bothered to alert anyone of the kaiju category. Godzilla Junior finds King Caesar’s rubble pile as we Tsuzuku. Who was Nashi????? What kind of weird episode title…

Episode 80 – The Last Target
Baragon is beat, because he never wins a fight, and Godzilla heads to G-Guard HQ. Godzilla attacks the HQ as Godzilla Junior gets the idea to use his puny breath to move the rocks. It’s not good enough because he sucks, but maybe he can take another entire episode to try to think to fire his breath again. Seriously, Godzilla Junior, you looks like a burn victim and have the brains of a sponge. Go lock yourself in a garage with a running car. Tsuzuku.

The assault on Baragon!

Episode 81 – Mobilization is Impossible!
The G-Guard Base is really damaged. Torema, G-Guard Commander, and Lucas are trapped inside. No big loss if Lucas gets killed, maybe even Godzilla Junior can die due to collateral damage. Godzilla Junior gets good enough at blasting his breath to clear off some of the rubble. But not enough to get the plot moving again. Way to stretch the episodes, Toho! Possessed Godzilla blasts some more when suddenly King Caesar and Godzilla Junior are behind him. Tsuzuku.

Episode 82 – Separation
King Caesar throws the tract onto Godzilla’s forehead. It turns him off like he’s a hopping vampire, then Space Godzilla’s essence leaves him and reforms into a new body. A new Space Godzilla body. That new Space Godzilla body then starts attacking Godzilla! The fight is on, even though it’s been fought before in this series. Tsuzuku.

Episode 83 – Well Done Son
Godzilla is weak and has little breath. Space Godzilla is stomping him until Junior joins in, which gives Godzilla new strength and together they blow up Space Godzilla. The life force of the other monsters goes back to them and they all wake up. Well, it’s good things worked themselves out like that, and we don’t have five monsters in a coma for the rest of the series. Dogora is captured by some ring thing and dragged away. I have no idea. Maybe rings are the mortal enemy of jellyfish in Japan, sort of how tapirs eat dreams over there. Zaguresu promises more evil plots as we Tsuzuku.

A neat story with a bit of mystery as to who is possessing Godzilla at first (I don’t know if there really is a mystery, but I didn’t hear anyone mention Spasu Gojira or anything before he showed up on the picture.) Dogora is an interesting villain to bring back, mostly because he’s pretty obscure. I’ve never seen the movie he’s from, but it is on the list to watch (but so is 9 million other films!) Hopefully someone who can speak Japanese knows why Dogora is suddenly whisked away by a circle at the end. Maybe they’ll bring back more obscure giant monsters like the giant walrus from Goreth

Godzilla’s possession is solved by those same papers with writing on them that stop Chinese Vampires, so that is pretty interesting in itself. This is an element that doesn’t translate well into Western culture and just comes off as odd. But then I like Chinese Vampire films so I’m all for stuff like that. Story Arc 10 continues the adventures of Godzilla and his island, as March of Godzilla Island continues. Continues.

Rated 8/10 (Puke, Puke, PUKE, PUKE!!, PUKE!!!!!!, Magic paper, blood moon, Medical Jet Jaguar)

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