Edison Chen Sex Scandal Has Not Ended

The Edison Chen Sex Scandal continues to generate news months after the fact. Bobo Chan’s fiancee reappeared after weeks of silence only to remain just as mysterious. Rumors continue to abound that Kira will resurface with more photos, but so far, nothing. Trust not in rumors, believe not until you see naked Chinese actresses. But never give up hope that more will surface, because there is no way we have seen everything photographed. This scandal will reexplode when you least expect it!

Marrying BoBo Chan? Philip Kam: Give an Explanation Later
Edison Chen’s Commercial Re-Appears in Chengdu

There is a persistent rumour that the source of the Hong Kong nude picture scandal, Kira, would come out of hiding for tomorrow’s prelim hearing of 史可雋. He would upload new pictures but he has not been seen in Hong Kong sites. It was reported that there were 67 new pictures in mainland Chinese sites. It appears to feature BoBo Chan but the authenticity is not known. It is not known if Kira has “resurrected” but the male lead, Edison Chen, has come back to life in Chengdu. Due to the incident last year, all of his new sunglasses advertisements/commercials were not shown. The incident has settle down so Edison is “coming back to life” to test the market reaction. Last night, BoBo Chan’s current boyfriend Philip Kam has appeared at a function. He was hounded by several dozen reporters and asked if he would be marrying BoBo. Philip kept a smile on his face and announced that he would give an explanation about the situation soon.

BoBo’s boyfriend, Philip, has not appeared in public since her involvement in the scandal. There were rumours that their wedding plans were brushed aside. But he is a righteous and loving person who has been protecting BoBo. Last night, he appeared in public as the sponsor representative at the ABSOLUT Couture fashion party at Lan Kwai Fong. It attracted several dozen reporters who came when they caught wind about his appearance. Philip arrived early to the function so the reporters did not see him. After the function, the PR staff announced that he doesn’t want to accept any interviews and did want to be photographed.

Philip stayed at the party for approximately two hours until the fashion party ended. He originally wanted to leave through the restaurant doors but he returned inside when he found a large crowd of reporters wanting for him. He waited for 10 minutes for a driver to come. He was escorted by two security personnel thought the crowd. He was dressed in a black suit and was smiling. He appeared to be in a good mood. He rolled down the car window and told the reporters to be careful. He also instructed the security to watch out for the reporters and not to push them. Philip was asked if he was going to marry BoBo. He smiled and said: “I would give an explanation later.” Afterwards, the car window was rolled up.

During this time, TV station camera fell in through the car window. Luckily, Philip returned it to the reporter. The car left after the police escort lead the way. There were dozens of people who surrounded the scene to get a look at the situation. The scene attracted a lot of tourists who took pictures and looked around because they thought Philip was some sort of celebrity. Afterwards, they were asking who Philip was.

Edison came back to life when his sunglasses advertisement appeared on the buses in Chengdu. According to local media reports, the posters featured an extremely cool Edison who was wearing sunglasses. He still has a stylish guy look. Yesterday, reporters contacted his management company to confirm the news reports. Edison did do advertisements for a mainland Chinese sunglasses brand. The brand requested that he come to do promotional work in February but it was cancelled due to the scandal. Now the situation changed so they are bringing back Edison in the form of advertisement posters.

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