Godzilla's back in CGI form!

Godzilla returned to the big screen in 2007. What, you didn’t know? Neither did I, because no one bothered to tell anyone! Actually, Godzilla had a two minute cameo in a dream sequence in a film called Always 2 (not a sequel to the Mel Gibson movie about frozen pilots) In the cameo, Godzilla is 100% CGI. Want to see what he looks like? Here he is:
Review of the film Always 2: Electric Boogaloo

Special bonus:
We all remember the American Godzilla CGI Travesty. But imagine GINO if he wasn’t such a travesty! Thanks to the blog at Jabootu.net, we can see what the original design was!

“1149. Pre-production maquette of Godzilla. (TriStar, 1998) Based on input from the original powers that be, the look was to be a traditional, Toho-style Godzilla – to be easily and immediately recognizable by the viewing audience. Jan de Bont was originally slated to helm the latest production starring this legend among film legends. A production delay and re-shuffling of staff lead to a different direction in the look of the title monster. This was the Stan Winston Studio revisitation of the iconic screen character, long before Matthew Broderick or Roland Emmerich became involved in the final version of the movie that was shot. Measures 43 in. tall x 63 in. long (head to tail). $12,000 – $18,000”


They threw it all away and crapped all over the American audience. Then they had the audacity to blame us for the mess. Suck it, Emmerich!

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