The new Review will be late this week

Thank you grad school for keeping me from getting my backlogs caught up so I could have content to put up when I got busy. I have several reviews written and revised, but no photo sets or movie clips made. As I’ll be out of town until Tuesday, I won’t have access to my computer to finish up the media files. Entirely my fault, got caught up with taking care of reviews for the upcoming weeks I didn’t realize I was behind on the one for this week. But you’ll be happy to know that another joint review with’s Iain is being worked on, and March ofGodzilla 2 has the second movie being written as well. Were I not dropping the ball for this Monday, I’d be way ahead of the game. As we switch over to a more media intensive version of TarsTarkas.NET, there will be roadblocks, but they will be overcome, and this site will be all the better for them.

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