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[adrotate banner=”7″]Who do you call when there is trouble in the high-stakes world of jai alai? No, not that Jai Alai Busters, that would be ridiculous. You call a team of funky ladies who wear skimpy suits and beat up bad guys! Duh! Luckily, Wonder Women is another of those low-budget action films made in the Philippines that are simultaneously amazing but also ridiculous and dumb. And also luckily we have the RiffTrax guys along for the ride, to dole out ridiculous puns.

Remember when jai alai was a thing? Of course you don’t! I bet 80% of the people reading the plot description had to google the name, only to realize it’s that sport with the weird gloves shaped like Tostitos Scoops! (The exclamation point is part of the name!) Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go eat some Tostitos Scoops!, because that’s what winners do, and I am a winner.

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This post was NOT sponsored by Tostitos Scoops!, in fact, they are sending a pack of angry lawyers upset that they are now associated with Wonder Women! Someone get help! Preferably a band of funky women in skimpy clothes…

A fiendish super-villain is kidnapping star jai alai players in order to harvest their organs! Even more shocking, someone pitched that plot to a Hollywood executive and they said “Yes, we’ll make that movie!”

And when you want an obscure paddle sport champion kidnapped, there’s only one group to turn to: The Wonder Women! No job is too big, no outfit too skimpy, no catfight with fellow Wonder Women worth passing up! (Warning: Please note that we said Women, not Woman. This movie does not contain any invisible airplanes or golden lassos. If you or a loved one dons an American flag style leotard at any point during the viewing, please consult a doctor, especially if it’s grandpa doing the donning.)

The only thing that stands in their way is Ross Hagen. Well, Ross Hagen and several thousand Filipino citizens who were apparently unaware that a movie was being filmed and literally stand in the way during the movie’s several chase scenes. Fortunately, their lives were endangered, quite possibly lost, for a quality production, one that uses something called “Brain Sex” as a central plot point.

Mike, Kevin, and Bill don Linda Carter’s Bracelets of Submission to riff Wonder Women, the rare sort of movie that manages to rip off Charlie’s Angels despite coming out three years before Charlie’s Angels.

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