New Air Bud flick Russell Madness IS Madness!

[adrotate banner=”7″]What in the name of all that is holy with talking dog movies is going on? Somehow when I wasn’t paying attention, the Air Bud franchise became a production company that’s putting out it’s own films (that appear to be outside the umbrella of Disney!), starting with a talking dog becomes a wrestling champ movie called Russell Madness!

It’s the kind of movie you got to see to still disbelieve and then watch the trailer a few more times processing everything you see. There’s a talking Jack Russell Terrier who is desperate for a family, a talking monkey wrestling coach named Hunk, evil John Ratzenberger, and kids overly emoting. Let’s not forget the gimmick wrestlers, including John Morrison!

Find out if the wrestling dog will ever get a family in February! Though whatever happens, Wishbone will always be the superior talking Jack Russell, but maybe we got a new number two!

I will give them credit for Rolling Bone. Why doesn’t that magazine exist???

Russell Madness

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